Quay Creative Co. was launched with the belief that the creative process is a journey, where a single idea can lead to new horizons. With ground up content creation in film, photography and writing, Quay Creative Co. is the starting point for your brand's creative journey. 

Quay Creative Co. owner Kait Labbate harnesses her background in Journalism and Communications to assist storytellers in sharing their vision. Using an array of visual content tools and platforms Kait works with brands to share their story, connecting brands with audiences in personable ways.  




For Kait, growing up sailing and visiting marinas around the world, the quay was the place where journeys to new adventures began. It was where courses were plotted and ideas for exploration rolled in. At Quay Creative Co., the goal is the same, to help brands set off on their creative journeys into producing authentic and engaging content.

How do we tell a unique story in a world full of content? Simple. Tell your story. It is in every way unique to you and to your brand, as individual as a fingerprint. Nothing makes us as attentive, as loyal and as interested in a brand as knowing who they are and where they came from.  Quay Creative Co. works with individuals, brands and marketing agencies to help them make the most of photography, film and writing to tell a story that connects each unique message to a unique audience in a cohesive way.  



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Cinematic film production showcases unique narratives in a way that connects audiences with stories. Online video now accounts for half of all mobile traffic with longer rates of viewer engagement than any other medium. With numerous elements serving as moldable clay for storytelling, from lighting, colour, location, and music, films are the quintessential medium through which to share your brands style and story. 


Photographic storytelling looks beyond individual images to focus on the big picture. It captures through a lens the ascetic that defines the soul of each brand. Photographs are able to tell a story, both individually and collectively. Ensure that every photo representing your brand speaks for who you are. 


The right words have the ability to evoke emotion and motivate an audience to action. Whether it’s as short as 140 characters or not, be sure your brand's voice can be heard beyond the page. In working with the same visual storyteller for written content, your brand ensures a cohesive identity is shared with your audience. 



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For all the intimate memories that can’t be captured in stills, wedding films allow your story to unfold through documenting the moments of your day, from the heartfelt best wishes of your closest family, vivacious laughter of your friends and soulful words exchanged through your vows. Be sure to treasure the passing moments through the beautiful moving form of film.


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Family FILMS

Incapsulate the small and intimate moments of your family and the playfulness of childhood. Family films slow down growing up in a way that makes you savour the everyday moments with your children. A special gift to them in years to come with packages that include a special message for them and a story of their childhood.

**30% off all bookings before September 30th, 2019**



Short film capturing the intimate moments of parenting and playing. Includes 2 hour + documentary style shoot at single location and licensed music.



Focuses on daily life of family interactions and the playful life of childhood. Includes 3 hour + documentary style shoot at single location, audio bed and licensed music.



Features the imaginative moment of youth and the journey they bring their parents along with. Includes preplanned concept, 3 hour + documentary style shoot at two locations, audio message to children (e.g. letter, poem, book passage), multi-location shoot, audio bed and licensed music.


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KAIT LABBATE |  |  613-407-5879

Quay Creative based in Ottawa, Ontario but the world is our playground. Drop us a line from wherever your brand calls home and we'll be in touch.  

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