Quay Creative Co. was launched with the belief that the creative process is a journey, where a single idea can lead to new horizons. With ground up content creation in film, photography and writing, Quay Creative Co. is the starting point for your brand's creative journey. 

Quay Creative Co. owner Kait Labbate harnesses her background in Journalism and Communications to assist storytellers in sharing their vision. Using an array of visual content tools and platforms Kait works with brands to share their story, connecting brands with audiences in personable ways. 



For Kait, growing up sailing and visiting marinas around the world, the quay was the place where journeys to new adventures began. It was where courses were plotted and ideas for exploration rolled in. At Quay Creative Co., the goal is the same, to help brands set off on their creative journeys into producing authentic and engaging content.

How do we tell a unique story in a world full of content? Simple. Tell your story. It is in every way unique to you and to your brand, as individual as a fingerprint. Nothing makes us as attentive, as loyal and as interested in a brand as knowing who they are and where they came from.  Quay Creative Co. works with individuals, brands and marketing agencies to help them make the most of photography, film and writing to tell a story that connects each unique message to a unique audience in a cohesive way.